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Advanced Heart Failure Treatment

The Congestive Heart Failure Center provides advanced treatment options for patients with heart failure symptoms who need help managing their condition on a daily basis. The goal is to improve the quality of life for patients facing the day-to-day challenges of heart failure, as well as reducing their hospital readmissions.

Watch an educational video that features the heart failure center's medical director and provides helpful information about managing heart failure.

View our Heart Failure Discharge Guide View and download our hospital's Heart Failure Discharge Guide for details and educational information about heart failure.

Patients receive one-on-one personalized care provided by staff trained in heart failure treatment and management. Patient education includes dietary assistance from a registered dietitian, as well as helping patients manage their weight. In addition, social services assistance and guidance for at-home care are available, with pharmacist availability for medication management.

Ventricular Assist Device Program

For patients with advanced heart failure, the Congestive Heart Failure Center offers innovative destination treatment, including a Ventricular Assist Device Program certified by the Joint Commission.

Led by a medical director who specializes in the Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) implantation and a clinical staff that provides personalized follow-up outpatient care post-procedure, the Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Care's VAD program is the comprehensive solution for your patients in need of this level of advanced heart failure treatment.

What is a Ventricular Assist Device?

A Ventricular Assist Device is a mechanical heart pump device that takes over the pumping function for one or both of the heart's ventricles or chambers. A VAD may be necessary when heart failure progresses to the point where medications and other treatments are no longer effective.

In some cases, the Ventricular Assist Device is offered as a "bridge to heart transplant," helping patients manage their heart failure until a transplant is possible. In this case, patients can be referred to an appropriate Baylor heart transplant facility.

Meet the Physicians Treating Congestive Heart Failure ​»

Image ofPatient Story:  Craig Young


Craig Young

When a former competitive weightlifter began to experience shortness of breath and an irregular, racing heartbeat, he knew something was wrong. ​

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