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​Advanced Heart Failure Treatment

​The Congestive Heart Failure Center provides advanced treatment options for patients with heart failure symptoms who need help managing their condition on a daily​ basis. The goal is to improve the quality of life for patients facing the day-to-day challenges of heart failure, as well as reducing their hospital readmissions.

Watch an educational video » that features the Congestive Heart Failure Center's medical director and provides helpful information about managing heart failure.

Patients receive one-on-one personalized care provided by staff trained in heart failure treatment and management. Patient education includes dietary assistance from a registered dietitian, as well as helping patients manage their weight. In addition, social services assistance and guidance for at-home care are available, with pharmacist availability for medication management.

Ventricular Assist Device Program

For patients with advanced heart failure, the Congestive Heart Failure Center offers innovative destination treatment, including a Ventricular Assist Device Program certified by the Joint Commission.

Led by a medical director who specializes in the Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) implantation and a clinical staff that provides personalized follow-up outpatient care post-procedure, the Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Care's VAD program is the comprehensive solution for patients in need of this level of advanced heart failure treatment.

​What is a Ventricular Assist Device?

A Ventricular Assist Device is a mechanical heart pump device that takes over the pumping function for one or both of the heart's ventricles or chambers. A VAD may be necessary when heart failure progresses to the point where medications and other treatments are no longer effective.

In some cases, the Ventricular Assist Device is offered as a "bridge to heart transplant," helping patients manage their heart failure until a transplant is possible. In this case, patients may be referred to an appropriate Baylor heart transplant facility.

Meet the Physicians Treating Congestive Heart Failure »