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Diabetes​ and cardiovascular disease are closely linked. Patients with diabetes are two to four times more likely to develop coronary artery disease, which puts patients at risk for peripheral vascular disease (PVD) ​– the major culprit in diabetic foot problems. In turn, the usual symptoms of vascular disease may be hidden or "masked" by diabetes.

The Vascular & Diabetic Foot Center offers a comprehensive approach toward prevention and treatment of vascular disease and diabetic foot problems. A team of vascular surgeons and podiatrists on the medical staff dedicated exclusively to care of the diabetic foot work together in a unique clinical setting to evaluate and monitor patients.

Patients undergo a comprehensive diabetic foot exam, which includes evaluating a patient for neuropathy (nerve problems), blood flow problems, foot deformity, and history of recurrent ulcers and/or amputation. Vascular surgeons on the medical staff use advanced imaging tools to evaluate a patient's vascular status. Many times a simple non-invasive test and exam can evaluate patients for vascular disease and determine if more in-depth evaluation and intervention are needed.

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